Health innovation

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Bolster health innovation by advancing a shared regional brand for biotech and life sciences (BioHealth Capital Region) and securing major health conferences, strengthening the ecosystem through coordinated programming with hospitals, universities,and entrepreneurs, and strengthening industry involvement in health career pathway development.

Progress Updates:

September 2018: Hosted a panel on “Solving for Health Through Partnership & Innovation” at WeDC Fest.  The session shared case studies and real world outcomes from innovation in healthcare across startups, pharma, hospitals, and the government.

September 2018: Mayor Bowser hosted DC’s first Maternal and Infant Health Summit.  The summit brought together a vibrant list of leaders to address a community audience and develop an agenda that tackles the dis-proportionally high rates of maternal mortality experienced by people of color – in both Washington DC and across the nation.  Learn more here.  

September 2018: DMPED in partnership with the DC Chamber of Commerce hosted an economic intelligence roundtable focused on health, featuring representatives from National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute)/Presidential Innovation Fellow, Medstar Innovation Center, Bridgepoint, and Veda Data Solutions. Learn more here. 

January 2018: Hosted a Health Innovation Discussion with 40+ attendees to bring the community together and better understand the challenges and opportunities facing the DC health innovation community.  Click here for Health Innovation Discussion Notes.