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Throughout the strategy development process, the team consistently asked stakeholders not only what District government can do to advance inclusive economic growth in DC, but what District government can do in collaboration with partners in business, philanthropy and the community. The strategy reflects this spirit of cooperation and openness, and that spirit will continue throughout strategy implementation.

DC’s Economic Strategy is a flexible framework for action, not a blueprint. Each year we will assess and report on progress and, if needed, add initiatives or adjust course as new opportunities and challenges arise.

We welcome your continued input about how we can work together to make DC an even greater city. If you have an idea for a high-impact initiative for advancing economic growth that benefits all residents, submit it here. We will review and consider it for future iterations of the strategy.

Some ideas that arose during the strategy development process did not make it into the strategy because they required additional development, partners or resources. If you see potential for these interesting but not-quite-ripe ideas, share that here as well. Review the ideas.

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