The action framework identifies five broad types of action where we will focus efforts to achieve our vision. Specific initiatives fall into this framework, supporting at least one, but often multiple, pillars of the framework. Use the filters below to find initiatives that relate to each area of the action framework, the opportunity areas, and core sectors.

Permitting and Licensing Systems Redesign

Redesign permitting and licensing systems

Timeline: FY17-19

Business Supports Navigator

Create a business supports navigator

Timeline: FY17-18

Retention, Expansion and Attraction Coordinating Committee

Coordinate business retention, expansion and attraction efforts through a data-driven, public-private committee

Timeline: FY17-18

Procurement to Power the Local Economy

Pilot challenge-based procurement and support institutions with local procurement

Timeline: FY17-19

Green Book and Procurement App

Produce the Green Book, a forecast of spending needs to help SBEs find procurement opportunities, and IT procurement app

Timeline: In-progress

Inclusive Innovation Fund

Create an inclusive innovation fund

Timeline: FY17-20

One Square Mile

Pilot “One Square Mile,” an approach to catalyzing economic development in underserved communities

Timeline: FY18

CEO Thought Leaders Series

Convene tech CEOs and thought leaders

Timeline: FY17-18

Mentoring for Mature Businesses

Enhance mentoring available to mature businesses

Timeline: FY17-18

DC Procurement Technical Assistance Center

Help businesses pursue government contracts through the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (DC PTAC)

Timeline: In-progress

Great Streets

Enhance Great Streets grant program

Timeline: In-progress

Coordinated Marketing Campaign

Coordinate DC marketing campaigns

Timeline: FY17-18

DC West Coast Engagement

Engage West Coast investors and entrepreneurs

Timeline: FY17-19

Exports and Middle East Investment

Expand trade with and investment from the Middle East

Timeline: FY17-18

International tourism catalysts

Catalyze international tourism


Timeline: FY17 - 18

Major Conventions

Secure major conventions on topics that leverage DC’s comparative convention advantages: education, medical, bio/pharmaceuticals and technology

Timeline: FY17-19


Showcase innovation in DC via InnoMAYtion

Timeline: In-progress

Made in DC

Promote businesses that design, produce or assemble in DC via Made in DC

Timeline: In-progress


Showcase and support DC’s creative economy via 202Creates.


Timeline: In-progress

DC FedTech

Connect entrepreneurs, inventors from federal labs, and support providers to advance research commercialization

Timeline: FY17-18

Tech Career Pathways Pledge

Expand on-ramps into technology career pathways through coordinated internships

Timeline: FY17-18


Create an industry-advised solar installation and job training program

Timeline: FY17-20

Beacon, Women Entrepreneurs Network

Support Beacon, a campaign to empower DC’s female entrepreneurs

Timeline: In-progress (launched November 2016)

Worker and Business Co-ops

Build a business/worker cooperative learning community

Timeline: In-progress (began December 2016)

Aspire for Entrepreneurship

Pilot the Aspire for Entrepreneurship program.


Timeline: In-progress

Learn, Earn, Advance, Prosper (L.E.A.P.)

Train DC residents for DC government jobs through L.E.A.P.

Timeline: In-progress

Summer Youth Employment Program

Provide constructive, skill-building work for DC youth for Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

Timeline: In-progress

Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3) Grand Opening

Open the Inclusive Innovation Incubator (In3)

Timeline: FY17

Commercial Space and Capital Support

Help longtime businesses address high-cost commercial space

Timeline: FY18-20

MLK Gateway

Create real estate career academy and incubator via MLK Gateway project

Timeline: FY18-19 (announced December 2016)

Maker space

Assess how to best support maker space(s)

Timeline: FY17-20

Inclusive prosperity indicators

Develop an inclusive prosperity dashboard.

Timeline: FY17-18

Major District-owned real estate developments

Develop major District-owned parcels to increase affordable housing supply, create jobs for District residents, and strategically catalyze business activity and achieve a community-shaped development vision

Timeline: FY17-20

Resilient DC

Create a resilience roadmap for DC

Timeline: FY17-18

Greater Washington Partnership

Engage with the Greater Washington Partnership and other regional bodies

Timeline: In-progress (announced December 2016)

District Open Data Policy

Implement the District’s open data policy and build data inventory

Timeline: In-progress (established January 2017)

Global Center of Mobility Tech + Policy

Make DC the global center of mobility technology and policy

Timeline: FY17-20

Social Enterprise and Impact Economy Development

Strengthen the social enterprise and impact economy ecosystem

Timeline: FY17-19

Data-centric Art + Policy Summit

Showcase DC’s data expertise through an art show featuring data visualizations and data-centric art and related data policy summit

Timeline: FY18-19

Global Leader of Smart City Innovation

Become a global leader of smart city innovation through the Council of Global City CIOs, Smart Gigabit Communities and Global Team Challenge (NIST)

Timeline: In-progress (announced January 2017)

Lighthouse City

Make DC the nation’s first “Lighthouse City” by pioneering Internet of Things solutions and opening coding academies

Timeline: In-progress (launched in 2016)

Pennsylvania 2040 Project

Create a smart city proof of concept on Pennsylvania Avenue

Timeline: In-progress

Health innovation

Promote and advance health innovation

Timeline: In-progress