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202Creates showcases the artists, makers and entrepreneurs who contribute to the District’s creative industries and engages residents to build community in all 8 wards.

Progress Updates:

September 2019: Mayor Bowser kicked off the 4th annual 202Creates Month. Click here to view the press release. To date, 202Creates has:

  • Saved creative residents an estimated $3,637,884 by providing them much needed space and services at no cost.
  • Welcomed 1215 creative entrepreneurs to monthly Community Building Events.
  • Have accepted a total of 137 DC residents from all 8 Wards into the 202Creates Residency Program.
  • Have recorded 217 podcast episodes in the 202Creates Podcast Studio and have hosted 342 photo shoots in the 202Creates Photo Studio.
  • Highlighted 8676 events, films, and performances in all 8 wards on the 202Creates Website and Social Media.
  • Generated 155M impressions for #202Creates on Social Media.
  • Produced 80 videos highlighting creative District Residents and their creative spaces, and another 23 episodes of the #202Creates TV Show highlighting District Residents creative events.

September 2018: The third annual 202Creates Month was celebrated in September. 202Creates has accepted a total of 68 DC residences into the 202Creates Residency Program, which provides artists and creative entrepreneurs access to OCTFME office space and resources.  202Creates has also recorded 104 podcast episodes, produced 80 videos, and 23 TV episodes to help high creative DC residents and their creatives spaces.

August 2017: Mayor Bowser kicked off the District’s second annual 202Creates, a month-long showcase of the District’s diverse and vibrant creative community. Throughout September, 202Creates will highlight the artists, makers, and entrepreneurs who contribute to Washington, DC’s creative economy.  To date, 202Creates has supported more than 4,000 events. Click here for the full press release.

  • Timeline: In-progress (launched in September 2016)
  • Lead and key partners: Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment (OCTFME)
  • Related core sectors: creative economy, media and communications, professional services, hospitality and tourism
  • Related opportunity areas: hospitality innovation, professional services innovation
  • Related action areas: DC identity and promotion