Global Leader of Smart City Innovation

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In September 2016, the Council of Global City CIOs (CGCC) was formed, a collective and governing body to bring together CIOs from major cities to share data and use technology to transform cities. The CGCC will focus on 1) Developing a smart cities model 2) Bringing broadband connectivity to everyone and 3) Accelerating the digitization of government through open source code-sharing. DC has also joined the US Ignite network of Smart Gigabit Communities, a partnership with NSF, to develop six gigabit applications that serve community needs, and lead public safety cluster collaborations via NIST’s Global City Team Challenge.

  • Timeline: in-progress
  • Lead and key partners: Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)
  • Related core sectors: technology
  • Related opportunity areas: smart cities and civic solutions
  • Related action areas: space and supports, DC identity and promotion