Major Conventions

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Secure major conferences and meetings focused on health/medicine, education, and technology

Progress Updates:

September 2018: Destination DC secured the following conferences: SAS Global Forum 2020, BBCON 2022 (the premier tech gathering for social good), and Cable-Tech Expo 2025.

February 2018: DestinationDC will welcome Teach for America, an organization that recognized DC’s leading educational ecosystem in Feburary 2021, and in June of 2024, 2025, and 2026, DC will welcome Pegasystems, a cloud software company that recognized DC’s critical mass of leaders in the local tech economy. Both groups are examples of DDC’s new industry-based positioning at work.

April 2017: TechWeek, the nation’s leading technology conference and festival, announced that it is coming to DC for the first time.

  • Timeline: FY17-19
  • Lead and key partners: Destination DC
  • Related core sectors: health and life sciences, higher education, technology, hospitality and tourism
  • Related opportunity areas: security technology, hospitality innovation, professional services innovation, data science and analytics, impact economy
  • Related action areas: DC identity and promotion