Pennsylvania 2040 Project

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This initiative utilizes wireless service to improve maintenance and transportation management and user experience to Pennsylvania Ave corridor. Smart streetlights will be installed that serve as wifi hotspots as well as traffic monitors. Other smart city infrastructure will be installed as well such as water sensors and soil monitors to reduce unnecessary water usage and 5 trash cans that can sense and report fill levels to optimize trash collection.

Progress Updates:

February 2018: Phase I was completed in October 2017, which delivered gigabit public Wi-Fi and LED-based Intelligent Lighting for the 3×3 block area and currently planning Phase II which will include new technologies that measures the performance, volumes, and flows of city traffic.

  • Timeline: in-progress
  • Lead and key partners: Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO), Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID)
  • Related core sectors: n/a
  • Related opportunity areas: smart cities and civic solutions, data science and management
  • Related action areas: space and supports