Resilient DC

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With the support of 100 Resilient Cities, create a resilience roadmap for the city that ensures longterm environmental and economic resilience.

Progress Updates:

April 2019: Mayor Bowser released Resilient DC, the District’s strategy for DC to thrive in the face of change. It is a tactical implementation strategy that brings together and aligns other major planning efforts into one coordinated effort to confront the complex challenges of the 21st century, including economic and population growth, climate change, and technological transformation. Explore the strategy at

May 2018: Resilient DC gathered more than 75 community leaders, subject matter experts, and government officials to launch a process of discovery. The event organized interdisciplinary working groups around five big questions about DC’s resilience. Participants discussed planning, climate action, economic and population growth, racial equity, technological change, and the Anacostia River.

July 2017: Mayor Bowser appointed longtime US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) policy strategist Kevin Bush as DC’s first Chief Resilience Officer (CRO).  Read more here.

May 2017: Resilient DC created and convened a Resilience Cabinet, identified resilience priorities based on stakeholder input, and launched the search for a chief resilience officer.

February 2017: Mayor Bowser launched DC’s resilience effort with 100 Resilient Cities.

  • Timeline: FY17-18
  • Lead and key partners: Office of the City Administrator (OCA), Office of Planning (OP), Dept. of Energy and Environment (DOEE), Office of the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity (DMGEO), Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED)
  • Related core sectors: real estate
  • Related opportunity areas: smart cities and civic solutions
  • Related action areas: space and supports