To reach our goals of growing the private sector economy and reducing unemployment disparities, we must work to catalyze commercial activity and job creation in key sectors. This section identifies core sectors to sustain and enhance and opportunity areas to develop based on analysis and stakeholder input. Download the economic strategy report for full analysis.

Core sectors are industries that currently have a significant presence in the DC economy, in terms of employment and/or GDP contribution. They face a variety of challenges and opportunities, and we will work to support and enhance them. While the smaller sectors of the DC economy, such as finance and insurance, wholesale trade, and manufacturing, do not have individual sections below, stakeholders from those industries were consulted in developing this strategy, and all DC businesses – regardless of sector – will continue to be supported and welcomed.

The opportunity areas represent cross-cutting industry clusters that offer high potential for tax revenue growth, industry development, and an increase in living wage (or better) jobs with various levels of educational attainment. These areas are poised for growth due to their strong existing activity, growth potential, and ability to play to DC’s comparative strengths and workforce assets.